5 Best Bathroom Remodel Atlanta

5 Best Bathroom Remodel Atlanta

Bathroom Remodeling highly Recommend Tips – contemplate bathroom design trends that are popular. Another popular trend in bathroom design is separating the bathroom from the rest of the bathroom. Think about replacing this with a bathtub which may serve double duty as both a shower and a tub, if you have a shower. Whirlpool bathtubs have become remarkably popular. Everyone elects to incorporate a bathroom exhaust fan, often including a heater on a timer.

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Home Improvement Tip – Start with the Bathroom: Consumer reports inform us that 235,000 individuals end up in the emergency room each year that occur using the bathroom, taking a bath or while showering. Tub and shower bases with slide surfaces may remove the majority of those injuries. The design of the shower or the tub may also come into play. In older homes, it’s a 24 inches. After the doorway is only 24 inches per walker or wheelchair won’t fit through the bathroom door. B) Stand Showers using a Slip Free Base — Should you’ve got a small shower to be sure to enlarge it so that there is extra room for seats and a walker.

Bathroom Design Tips – Curbless Shower using a Bench and Grab Bars — This doesn’t have to look as antiseptic as it seems. Think in terms of a shower space with shelves at arm’s level to stop you or reach up to a shower stand. Add a matching seat and grab bars which include brushed nickel, chrome or bronze to match your faucet hardware. They’ll look more upscale.

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Bathroom Design Tips: Bathroom using a Door — It would be safer to access than a tub and more comfortable. What people fail to see is that with most walk-in tubs, get out of the way as the door swings closed and you need to move very carefully through a doorway. And you need to climb over a step. Therefore, versatility is compromised completely on time or if you’re walking, this unit won’t be active.

Your bathroom will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment & pleasure while increasing the resale value of your home. PROVEN FACT: Upgrading bathrooms (esp master bathroom), kitchens or beautiful flooring are the most significant developments a homeowner may make to elevate the value of a house.

With all we have heard in our 40 decades of tile and stone remodeling, we understand how to turn your theory into a great reality to your joy, always keeping in mind quality, durability, and stunning look.

Our primary goal is your total and complete satisfaction in your undertaking. If it’s the shower, a tub (encircle or roman), steam shower or a ground, our principle aim remains the same: client satisfaction and long term, maintenance-free craftsmanship.

The place relieves ‘anxiety’ and prep yourself for social encounters throughout the day. Permit install Tile to show you the way a beautiful master bath redesign may make waking up and getting ready every day a joy rather than a task.

Bathroom remodeling cost or building a new bathroom is one of the most popular home remodeling projects managers. A modern bathroom should be stylish, efficient, comfortable, and also a place for relaxing. If you use a respectable contractor, A personalized bathroom renovation will add to your relaxation and will raise the value of your home.

We can redesigns bathrooms with ideas that are new to maximize the use of space along with your budget. Fixtures walls and utilities move to increase storage space and floor area. A bathroom remodeling project is also the perfect opportunity to update the plumbing systems, fix water pressure or replace leaky faucets. Moisture heat and heavy usage make the bathroom especially vulnerable to damage and deterioration. High-quality work substances and exacting craftsmanship are critical.

Bathroom showers and bathtubs: A shower foundation can be custom-sized, floor to ceiling using coverage with ceramic, porcelain, granite or marble tile with river stone borders. Shower fixtures can be installed in a wall or on the roof to bring a touch. Shower doors could be custom-made with various styles of glass.

Vanities: Those six little inches added on to the standard 30″ vanity elevation may save your back out of repeated daily strain for a long time to come. It also gives additional storage without taking up extra space that is horizontal.

Walk-in showers: Oversized or Jacuzzi tubs have become obsolete in Nevada. With water conservation, a real concern walk-in shower gives an excellent alternative for comfort and luxury. Clear glass enclosures produce the illusion of space in even the most cramped bathrooms. The glass also lets you find the custom stone or tile which will replace the plastic old fashion shower walls. Using stone or tile shower pans even reduce the risk of slipping in the shower: safety, water. You can’t go wrong!

Redesigning or reconfiguring your bathroom’s design is significant but is only part of our full services. Like every endeavor, there will be many improvements and updates that are available. Informing homeowners as to which update (or blend of upgrades) is just another way we build trust and a stable relationship with our clientele. Supplying that assistance to our clients who might not be familiar with these availabilities, is vital for joy in their choice and helps facilitate new notions of how to best utilize the space in light of your budget.

How to Remodel Your Bathroom Without Going Broke

The average bathroom remodel isn’t cheap. Some average bathroom remodel costs for Atlanta are:

  • $8,640 — as reported by Homewyse users
  • $16,435—The average midrange bathroom remodel, according to the Cost vs. Value Report
  • $51,572—The average upscale bathroom remodel, according to the Cost vs. Value Report

So if you’ve got a more modest budget—say $5,000 or less—does that mean you can’t remodel your bathroom? Not necessarily. You’ll just have to get a little more creative with how you use your funds. (For example, this bathroom remodel was done for just $439!)

And that’s what this article is for: to help you find some ingenious ways to scale back your bathroom remodel budget without sacrificing your grand vision. You don’t have to do all of these things; they’re meant as ideas to help you make your budget work.

But first, you should understand where the money in a typical remodels project usually goes.

How a bathroom remodel budget is usually spent

According to The Kitchen and Bath Association, the budget usually breaks down like this:

Labor: 20%
Cabinetry and hardware: 16%
Fixtures: 15%
Faucets and plumbing: 14%
Countertop: 7%
Floor: 9%
Doors and windows: 4%
Walls and ceiling: 5%
Lighting and ventilation: 5%
Design fees: 4%
Other: 1%

Reduce labor costs: Decide what you can take on yourself

The idea to reduce the largest expense in a bathroom remodel is twofold:

  • Do as much as you can yourself (within reason)
  • Avoid having to hire too many experts by eliminating complicated and costly items (like moving to plumb) out of your plan.

We’ve grouped some of the most common bathrooms remodel tasks into 3 groups to help you assess which parts you can actually handle yourself and which you can avoid altogether.

And remember: Taking on more than you can handle can actually cost you more in the long run because you could have to pay someone to come fix it later.

Moderate skills: novice DIYer

You have some basic tools and have done some DIY work in the past. You can likely handle:

  • Painting
  • Hanging wallpaper
  • Adding hardware (knobs and pulls) to cabinets
  • Installing the medicine cabinet
  • Installing baseboards/molding

Intermediate skills: advanced DIYer

You have completed several larger home remodeling projects and enjoy learning new skills. In addition to the tasks above, you might be able to also:

  • Lay flooring
  • Tile walls/shower
  • Install basic fixtures (faucet, toilet, etc)

Expert skills: professional plumbers/electricians

We advise leaving the following bathroom to remodel tasks to a licensed professional:

  • Moving or installing plumbing pipes
  • Adding radiant flooring
  • Any electrical work
  • Installing advanced fixtures (custom showers, jetted tubs, etc.)

Find a creative alternative to new vanity/cabinets

The next biggest expense in most bathroom remodels is the cabinetry and the pulls and knobs. If you have a large bathroom and/or want some nice custom cabinets, it’ll be hard to cut costs here.

But if you have a smaller bathroom and are okay with some unconventional choices, you can do it more cheaply. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Refinish the vanity yourself

If your cabinets are in pretty good shape but need some freshening up, consider refinishing them. You have 2 refinishing options:

  • Stain
  • Paint

Re-staining your vanity

Your options for stain really depend on whether you want to go lighter or darker than the cabinet you already have.

To go lighter, you have to remove the existing stain or finish. You remove the existing finish in one of two ways:

  • Sanding them down to bare wood. You’ll use a lower-grit paper to remove the old finish and then smooth everything out with higher grit paper. This can be difficult when your cabinets have lots of curves or inlays.
  • Stripping them with a chemical stripper. A chemical solvent is a liquid that you put on the wood that reacts with and removes the finish. This method is less labor-intensive. However, chemical strippers are extremely bad for your skin, eyes, and lungs. So make sure you follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

Bathroom Renovation Projects [Before & After Images]

We stand by our work. But that means very little if YOU are not satisfied with the outcome. These bathrooms remodel projects showcase our abilities and our clients’ joy with their new rooms.

#1. Customized Guest Bathroom Remodel with Natural Tiles & Stones

This guest bathroom in the Las Vegas bathroom remodel was a standard track home design with a separate tub and shower. We offered them a plan that eliminated the tub. The shower was completely redone and turned into a double shower with a walk-in entrance. The walls were redone using custom tiles and glass mosaic accents easily seen through the new glass shower enclosure. The ugly cabinets, mirrors, and tile flooring were removed and replaced using new updated fixtures vanity and raised sink bowls. New lighting fixtures replaced the outdated low-efficiency one. As you can see this bathroom went from nothing special to spectacular!

#2. Professional Tile Shower Installs

Custom shower remodels with earth tone tiles and glass mosaics accents. Added multi-function shower valves to make you never want to leave the shower. Matching slab counter top makes this attention to detail bath renovation a perfect escape.

#3. Complete Custom Bathroom Remodel (Full Guest)

#4. Bath Remodel with Custom Vanity and Walk-in Shower

#5. Kitchen Remodel Showcase Before and After

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