17 Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors Lights and Outlet

17 Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors Lights and Outlet

It may look as if you have got no possibility for stylish and functional storage, but all hope isn’t lost. There are loads of ways that you can sneak in extra storage at a cabinet-less toilet. If you need inspiration, here are some options and projects bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors lights and outlet to try.

Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors

Performing your home improvements don’t have to be overwhelming, but people experienced with remodeling, repairing, and improving their homes know that a few simple tips and tricks can make a huge difference. If you’re thinking of embarking on some new home improvements, bear the following tips in mind to make sure everything goes right, and nothing goes wrong.

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Make your door do double-duty

A hanging shoe organizer that goes on your doorway. Can help you make the most of vertical distance that will not get in the way.

Do not waste the space over your bathroom

Other means to utilize vertical space in your toilet? Add storage over your bath or put an organizer or basket on the back of it. This example from a bathroom renovation on Jenna Sue Design. Shows how to do just that in a way that looks sleek and beautiful, also.

Declutter your counter with organizers

If all you’ve got is a counter area, make the most of it together with organizers and baskets. A tiered basket such as this one on. Golden Boys & Me can help you store a lot of stuff without taking over your entire counter. However, you can also utilize trinket trays and intriguing organizers. With drawers for small things to make your space work for you.

Hang a magnet board for beauty 

A DIY magnet board, like this project from POPSUGAR Beauty. Another way to generate use of vertical space and keep things from cluttering your counter. Consider adding magnets to small cosmetics and putting small metal objects onto a magnetic board. That hangs on the wall or pops on the counter.

Set a miniature shelf within your faucet

A small riser shelf like this one from Period Bath. Will be able to help you put in a small amount of additional space. To a small countertop by taking advantage of this space over your faucet.

Make space in your shower curtain

You can store additional stuff within your bathtub by adding in an excess curtain rod. you may add baskets or hang different items like in the case from Hometalk. Also, you can install the pole either inside your shower curtain or from the inside walls.

Repurpose a pub cart with bath essentials

In case you’ve got the area, a pub cart can heal your cabinet-free woes. It is going to give you space to store a lot of items, and since it’s on wheels. You can transfer it from the way whenever necessary. The example above from HB Home Design shows how you may produce a cart a reasonable distance without sacrificing style.

#1. Alina Contemporary Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet

The ultra-sleek silhouette of this Alina embodies contemporary minimalism. Its smooth, unadorned façade and plethora of finish choices. Present an incredibly versatile design which allows it to be adapted to a wide variety of toilet styles and color palettes.

#2. Zuri Transitional Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet

The Zuri merges a slick wooden framework together with the elegant subtlety. Beveled glass edges for a clean and versatile appearance adaptable to transitional and contemporary bathrooms alike.

#3. Wyatt Transitional Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet

Combining form and function with a hint of classic allure. The Wyatt medicine cabinet features a complete cabinet door and clean wooden frame topped by a slender cornice. An excess shelf sits under the cupboard door for additional storage.

#4. 25″ Pacific Rim Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet In Vintage Walnut

Pacific Rim Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet. 2 Mirrors on front and rear side of the doorway – 2 Adjustable Shelves – Door opens just from left to right

#5. Raine Contemporary Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet

The Raine bathroom medicine cabinet merges classic charm and modern style. With its unbiased rectangular façade and single inset door for a look that introduces elegance without overstatement.

#6. Tristan Transitional Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet

The Tristan medicine cabinet boasts a solid wood frame with a clean façade. The framework is crowned with a single cornice for a little classic refinement without pomp. While the cupboard door blends easily with the surrounding frame for a clean, versatile look.

#7. William Traditional Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet

Reimagining classic design for the contemporary house. The William medication cabinet boasts a cupboard door recessed into a solid wood frame with various layers of reeding and beveling. Complemented by a touch of ornate metallic hardware. A timeless design, the tasteful William medicine cabinet brings old world charm to your space.

#8. Bordeaux Vintage Style Solid Wood Framed Medicine Cabinet In Colonial Cherry

Designed especially to be paired with the opulent Bordeaux vanity, the Bordeaux medicine cabinet harnesses the exact same old world luxury. With an Entablature shaped to some gentle arch, the Bordeaux features increased Floral and filigree carvings. Brightly columns, and reeded borders to get a Classically complex presentation. 

#9. Wulan Teak Medicine Cabinet

Beautiful and useful, the 55″ Wulan Teak Medicine Cabinet is the perfect addition to your bathroom in need of additional storage space. Behind the sliding mirrored doors dwell three long rows of shelves, giving you ample room to keep your possessions comfortably within reach. Designed to be mounted over an equally stylish vanity, the Wulan enhances the appearance of any space.

#10. Palmetto Medicine Cabinet

The Palmetto Medicine Cabinet beautifully finishes our Palmetto collection dressing table, providing that extra bit of storage for grooming essentials. This luxurious wall cabinet features two mirrored cabinets, with a spacious shelf for displaying a favorite item. Soft-close hardware prevents doors from slamming during usage and each cabinet features two shelves.

#11. Furview Medicine Cabinet

Featuring a frameless layout, the 48″ Furview Recessed Mount Medicine Cabinet pairs nicely with a stylish vanity. Plenty of shelving resides within this product, making it the perfect addition to a master bath.

#12. Bastian Teak Medicine Cabinet – Natural Teak

Bastian Teak Medicine Cabinet is ideal for a master bathroom. Rows of shelf space offer plenty of room to place accessories. Each glass door is fitted with soft-close hinges to prevent slamming.

#13. Acwel Recessed Mount Medicine Cabinet

The Acwel Recessed Mount Medicine Cabinet includes a timeless look that is fantastic for your bathroom remodel. The simple beauty of this item seamlessly blends with an array of vanity styles.

#14. SEDWICK Medicine Cabinet

Sedwick Medicine Cabinet bestows unrivaled beauty to a bathroom wall. This enchanting cabinet is framed with carved columns and moldings. Four interior shelves, concealed behind mirrored doors, keep toiletries right where you need them.

#15. KYRA Medicine Cabinet

Match your bathroom set seamlessly with the 48″ Kyra Medicine Cabinet, which comprises three doors and a lot of interior storage space. A modern design allows this cabinet to mesh with almost any minimalist bathroom decoration.

#16. BERNSTEIN SURFACE MOUNT DECO Aluminium Medicine Cabinet

Bernstein Surface Mount Deco Aluminum Medicine Cabinet is a superb addition to your bathroom. Along the frame, royal beading and subtle beliefs lineup the mirror to enhance the elegance of your space.

#17. Aluminum Medicine Cabinet with Adjustable Flip-Out Flat Mirror

The Verdera medicine cabinet combines an elegant fit and finishes with quick, easy installation. With an adjustable pull-out mirror, daily grooming tasks are easier than ever. A slow-close door prevents slamming. Verdera medicine cabinets coordinate with surrounds and side kits in the KOHLER Tailored Vanity collection for a beautifully matched vanity set.

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