9 Best Custom Shower Enclosures You Need to Read This!

9 Best Custom Shower Enclosures You Need to Read This!_

Unless your toilet is big enough to get a completely open shower, with water spraying all over the area, having some kind of enclosure is sort of a necessary evil. A lot of contemporary bathrooms solve this issue with whirlpool glass shower doors, which can be so lovely and minimal that it is almost like they are not there whatsoever. But that’s not what this post is about. This is a party of the showers that state ” I’m a shower, dammit, and I would like you to look at me.” This is a post about the most beautiful shower enclosures in the world.

Above: a custom engineered steel framed shower enclosure has the appearance of a classic window, making getting in and out of the shower a grand occasion.

#1. Steel Framed Shower Enclosure

Steel Framed Shower Enclosure

The other steel framed shower enclosure, with a slightly different layout. There are so many things to love about this bathroom: the tole chandelier, the window at the shower, the mixture of subway tile and encaustic — however, the shower is really the crowning glory.

#2. Bottom Half of a Glass Shower Enclosure

bottom half of a glass shower enclosure

Frosting the bottom half of a glass shower enclosure is a superb way to offer a little privacy when maintaining a minimalist appearance.

#3. Black Tinted Shower Enclosure

black tinted shower enclosure

And now for something completely different — a black tinted shower enclosure. Sort of like the one I envision James Bond could have in his state house.

#4. Standard Frameless Shower Enclosure Glass

standard frameless glass shower enclosure

This shower includes the conventional frameless glass, but it is the hardware that sets it apart. Also, this could be the most lovely bathroom.

#5. Moroccan Sunshine


The bathroom in this Moroccan home is covered in hot yellow Popham Design tiles stretching from the ground to the walls, developing a sunshine-inspired oasis. The custom shower enclosure is a contrasting blue that gives warmth to space without feeling cluttered.

#6. Metropolis Series fully-framed shower enclosure


Metropolis Series fully-framed shower enclosure that this installation was done in East Hanover NJ. Luxurious grid design is constructed with powder coated matte black frame finish aluminum frame.

#7. Custom Glass Shower Enclosures Installed in Denver

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures Installed in Denver

Modern life is getting increasingly more challenging for anyone as the year goes by, and the pressure of work affects our leisure and health, the demand for relaxation becomes more real, and also the location to relax is the own custom glass shower enclosure.

The bathroom is not only a utility. However, with the development of modern design and production techniques, it can be a pleasant place in any contemporary home design in Denver. Your bathroom says it’s about who you are and you’ll be able to make it beautiful by measure and installing a custom glass shower enclosure.

Custom glass shower enclosures are all beautiful and available in various styles and sizes, with a custom design to meet your bathroom.

Why Pick Framed or Frameless Custom Shower Doors are customs in Denver To Receive Your Own Custom Glass Shower Enclosure Constructed in Denver?

At Custom Frameless Shower Doors Denver provide and set up the best standard and custom glass shower enclosures for our residential and commercial customers in Denver and surrounding areas. We are an independent company with a vast assortment of custom glass shower enclosures. We can assist you set up and customized your glass shower enclosures.

Our custom glass shower enclosures may be fitted to integrate many kinds of shower accessories, which can be so demanded by young professionals and offers greater mobility with tempered glass panels, so furniture can be chosen to coordinate with the rest of your bathroom and flawlessly and effortlessly match in.

The benefits of our custom glass shower enclosures go beyond simple cleaning and maintenance as well as the possibility of buying them in various sizes to meet the needs of different people.

#8. Custom Tiled Shower with Glass Enclosure

Custom Tiled Shower with Glass Enclosure

Integrity Home Pro’s Bathroom remodels that included a spa-like bathtub with custom tile plus a glass enclosure enhanced the house value and comfort factor for our clientele.

#9. Custom Glass Shower Enclosure And Standing Tub

Bathroom remodel ~ before and after ~ featuring honed Carrara Marble counter tops with a feature wall of glass and stone mosaic inset, custom glass shower enclosure and a free standing tub and tub filler. The floors are porcelain wood like floor tiles.

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